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AFC Hornchurch - Admission Charges 2011/12

Ryman Premier League Games
Concessions **
Under 16's
£ 9.00
£ 6.00
£ 2.00
There is no additional charge to enter seated areas. However, some seats are reserved for AFCH Season Ticket holders.

Season Ticket Prices
Concessions **
Under 16's
£ 160.00
£ 100.00
£ 40.00
Season Ticket holders have the option of nominating a seat which will be reserved for their use throughout the season. Season Tickets are not transferable and are vaild for all Ryman Premier League, Capital League and County Cup home fixtures only. Everyone pays for admission to Cup and Trophy games.

AFC Hornchurch Season Tickets 2011/12
The Club are pleased to confirm that the price structure for Season Tickets will remain unchanged for the coming 2011/12 season. Applications can be made by post using the following application form. Season Tickets will be available direct from the Club nearer the start of the season.
** Concessions = Over 60's and Students over 16 years of age (Student ID required)
for Season Ticket Application Form

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