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Home / 2005-06 Season / 2005-06 Results / Match Report

Gordon Brasted Trophy Final
(Played at Burnham Ramblers FC)
Saturday 15th April 2006
Barkingside 0 - 1 AFC Hornchurch
  H/T 0-1
Drake 36'

Match Highlights
Barkingside   AFC Hornchurch
  31 BOOKED - D Cowley
36 GOAL - Drake
68 OFF - Drake
ON - Burbridge
  72 OFF - Tiffin
ON - Springer
Darbo - OFF
Bartram - ON
  77 BOOKED - N Cowley
77 OFF - Sontag
ON - Hayes
Harkins - OFF
Williams - ON

Match Report by Tony Middleton


With Nathan Philip, Danny Heale, Gareth Thomas and Timmy Hambley all out with injury, and with four other players cup tied, there was still an air of optimism at Leslie Field – until the Urchins following entered the ground and saw the pitch, resplendent in its new coat of sand. The only other change was to the programme, which contained the same material as before, only it was 50p dearer this time. A slow start for both teams, with Urchins making the first move, a long Steve King pass along the wing to Greg Tiffin, who was unable to get in a cross as Scotsmer shepherded the ball out of play. ‘Side replied with a move which started with Thompson, and his long cross field pass to Harkins looked dangerous until Collier came out and gathered, and Collier was in action soon after when a deeply flighted free kick by Limianaj forced him to punch clear, and Darbo was first to the loose ball, turning and trying to get in a shot, but King tackled and cleared.

Urchins, playing towards the more heavily sanded goalmouth, looked dangerous when Danny Cowley fed a perfect cross into the middle, where King could not control the ball as it bounced on the bumpy surface and Simmons was able to punt upfield. King then played a good pass across to Tiffin, who made ground on the right and slipped a pass inside to Nicky Cowley, with Simmons again saving ‘Side with a neat interception. Billy Drake, working tirelessly up front, send Holland away in the middle, and he touched the ball inside to Nicky Cowley, whose shot was cleared by Smith, whose hard drive to safely almost became the own goal of the season, had the ball been an inch or two closer to goal. From Drake’s corner, McCartney punched away, and the ball was played back again to King, who was faced with just McCartney to beat, but he hesitated too long and Scotsmer managed to tackle.

A free kick by Limianaj at the other end reached Diaczuk, whose low shot was turned around the post by a diving Collier, resplendent in a grey black and orange top which looked like a giant brambling. From the corner, Collier punched away but the ball spun out and was headed back but well wide of the post. Drake was almost clear when he was brought down and from the free kick Danny Cowley’s centre was dropped by McCartney, but as Holland went for the loose ball the whistle went for a free kick to ‘Side. Drake won another ball just outside the area, and got in a shot, which McCartney did well to save, and the ball rebounded to Holland who fed an excellent pass to Tiffin, whose shot went into the net just as the whistle went and a free kick was awarded instead.

Referee Lee Dorling, making his fifth appearance of the season in an Urchins’ match, kept play under control, though he missed a piece of over-reaction by Darbo, after Bostock had cleared, which took place almost in front of the linesman. Then Nicky Cowley and Danny Cowley exchanged passes, to lay a good pass in front of Holland, only for Smith to nip in and clear. Sontag made a good run on the left, from a Glen Golby pass, his cross being chested down by Holland to Drake , and Scotsmer tackled to concede a corner, which Drake took and no one could get a touch as the ball drifted across goal.

Three times this season a match has been stopped for a match official being injured, and it happened again. Only this time it was not the linesman, it was his flag. For some time the crowd had wondered why the yellow flag would only point in one direction, namely in Barkingside’s favour, and when it snapped in half, it was time for a substitute, the yellow flag being replaced by one in yellow and red quarters, believed to have been obtained from ebay.

No sooner had it arrived, it was in action, pointing upfield in ‘Side’s favour once again, for a throw in. this was taken by Wielewski, whose long throw was headed away by Glen Golby, and but the ball was played back into the danger zone, where it reached Harkins, who turned and headed for goal – only to find he had no ball, as Billy Drake had nipped in and taken it off him. Drake played a great pass out to the left, where Sontag took up the running. Drake went speeding off upfield, across the half way line and carried on running, and when the ball came over from the left, it was BILLY DRAKE who fired it home – and was promptly mobbed by the rest of the team. He had run sixty yards to get into perfect position, and this goal must rank as one of the best of the season, and it was witnessed by 450 jubilant Urchins, whilst one well known local reporter sat there, stony faced.

Back came ‘Side, winning a corner, when Collier saved well, and from the corner the ball was headed out to Drake, inside his own half yet again, and he played a pass through to Holland, and thence out to Sontag, whose crossed appeared to be handled, the penalty appeals being rejected. Holland came back to win the ball and was bundled over, but play continued and the ball was punted upfield to Darbo, whose hard show was saved by Collier at full length. Almost on half time, Sontag cut in from the left and hammered in a hard shot which McCartney saved at the foot of the post.

At half time the Urchins officials were the main talking points, with Tony looking like Arthur Daley as he punted his flags around, Terry resplendent in his suit, and with Jon wearing what might well have passed for Teddy Boy gear. Never had so many been wearing suits and ties at an ESL match.

Barkingside are arguably the second best team in the league, and they were certainly not out of the picture, and they started the second half with a vicious free kick by Scotsmer which Collier saved. Then it was Urchins turn. Glen Golby’s long throw created danger, but the flag went up, whilst a minute later Paul Golby’s free kick reached Holland, and – up it went again. We had one substitute flag, surely it was time for another. Another free kick, Paul Golby again, and King homed in and – yes, offside again. A long pass from Tiffin to Holland, but Simmons raced back to tackle, conceding a corner. Paul Golby floated the ball over but too far and it went out for a goal kick. Barkingside threatened strongly when Simmons picked out Limianaj and Bostock had to come back to tackle, at the expense of a corner, and Diaczuk took the kick but hit the cross too long and it went out of play. A free kick was awarded to ‘Side 25 yards out, to the displeasure of the 450 Urchins supporters in the crowd of 521, and Scotsmer’s shot was blocked and returned across goal where Smith fired a hard drive into the side netting.

Danny Cowley hit a free kick too long and McCartney gathered, and then Holland raced away only for Harkins to race back to cover well. Danny Cowley won a midfield ball, and found Holland, whose touch found Drake, who raced in and hammered in a tremendous shot which skimmed the bar, although offside was given. Rikki Burbridge came on for Billy Drake who had played a tremendous game and who thoroughly deserved the applause he received – and of course he is now the youngest player ever to score in the GBT final.

Darbo tried to set up a move on the left with a good pass out to Limianaj but King tackled, and played an excellent pass upfield to Nicky Cowley who crossed to Burbridge, and Rikki’s shot rebounded to Nicky Cowley, whose own shot was well saved by McCartney. Lee Springer came on for Tiffin, who as usual had played in all positions, though only with the one number, and Springer’s first touch was to Sontag whose long upfield pass saw Holland outpace McCartney and lob the ball goalwards, and with the second goal looking certain it was stopped right on the line. Holland again, with a cross into the middle, and Simmons cleared, and then at the other end Simmons hit a free kick high over the bar. Matt Hayes came on for Sontag and played a long pass up to Holland, and Wielewski conceded the corner, which Hayes swerved over and everyone missed. At the other end again, Williams tried a free kick which Collier saved, and then Urchins regained their composure to comfortably play out the five minutes of stoppage time, with Hayes having the final moment, with a corner which swerved close to goal.

And then it was celebration time – champions, GBT winners – one more to go.


Video Highlights by Rob Monger

- 36mins. Billy Drake scores the winning goal (920KB)
- Post match interview with Danny Cowley (4.1MB)


Dave McCartney
Grant Smith
Barry Simmonds
Presemyslaw Wielenski
Terry Scotchmer
James Bly (c)
Dominick Harkins
Greg Thompson
Roy Darbo
Leon Diaczuk
Ilir Liminiaj
James Morriss
Scott Williams
Sam Bartram
Kevin Ayres
Adam Hines
AFC Hornchurch
Michael Collier
Greg Tiffin
Lee Sontag
Glen Golby
Steve King
Jordan Bostock
Nicky Cowley (c)
Danny Cowley
Billy Holland
Billy Drake
Paul Golby
Rikki Burbridge
Matt Hayes
Luke Longman
Ket Koka-Makitu
Lee Springer

Man of the Match
Nominated by ...

Weather Conditions:  9 degrees - overcast. Wind speed 15mph

Match Officials: Lee Dorling with Jeff Stanley, Gordon Moores and Ernie Forsyth

Match Duration: First half 47mins 28secs. Second half 50mins 24secs

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