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Home / 2005-06 Season / 2005-06 Results / Match Report

Westview Essex Senior League
Saturday 10th December 2005
  Concord Rangers 0 - 1 AFC Hornchurch
  H/T 0-1
Longman (pen) 73'

Match Highlights
Concord Rangers   AFC Hornchurch
Dobrowolski - OFF
Ringer - ON
  38 OFF - King
ON - Thomas
  63 OFF - P Golby
ON - Burbridge
  71 BOOKED - Longman
Lee - BOOKED 72  
73 GOAL - Longman (pen)
Collins - OFF
Clarke - ON
80 OFF - Longman
ON - Everett
90 BOOKED - Burbridge

Match Report by Tony Middleton

The first paying guest trickled in at 2.30, and at 2.45 the refreshment hut, ran out of burgers – anyone wanting tea and burgers could only get tea and sympathy instead. A bright sunny day, a bumpy muddy pitch, a goal at one end which looked several inches shorter at one side than at the other, what more could you wish for? Well, most people wished for the wind to blow in the other direction, away from the sewage farm. An excellent tannoy for a change, though just why the spectators insisted on standing in front of the seats is a mystery. Urchins kicked towards the sewage farm in the first half and play was concentrated for a time at the clubhouse end of the ground, with Martyn Lawrence prominent for Concord. Urchins finally got into some sort of rhythm when King broke up a Concord move, played the ball up to Heale, who could not get his shot in, as Burton hammered the ball out of play and in the direction of the oil terminals. Concord had the most possession but did not really threaten. Dobrowski was injured in a 50-50 challenge, and was substituted, with the home physio looking resplendently bedecked with what looked like a white tea cosy.

Kavanagh set Lee away on the left with a well placed pass and Danny Cowley did well to race back and tackle, at the cost of a corner, which Lee swerved into the middle and everyone missed the ball as it curved out of play. Urchins looked to have a scoring chance when Tiffin sent the ball in from the right, and Holland homed in, only for a quick thinking Tedder – is he the tallest keeper in the league? – to smother the ball at the edge of the area. Paul Golby came to the rescue at the other end, with a neat tackle when Baker broke through a somewhat hesitant defence, and then Longman sent Danny Cowley away, with Collins forcing Danny out wide and conceding a corner, which Longman sent over, and Heale ran in with a powerful header which skimmed the bar. Then King pumped a long ball forward to Heale, with Tedder coming out fast to kick clear. Kavanagh was guilty of a very bad tackle on Tiffin, which led to a lengthy stoppage, following which things looked ominous for Kavanagh as the referee sternly marched over – red or yellow, it was going to be a close call, but the wide grin said it all when he escaped with a long finger wagging lecture.

Longman then sent King clear, but play was pulled back when Kavanagh “fell over” and a free kick was awarded. Concord looked dangerous when Lee sent over a good centre from the left, and Baker, unmarked, headed the ball wide, though for the most part Collier had little to do apart from catch a succession of long hopeful balls aimed his way. Ing was fortunate to escape when Heale’s shot appeared to be handled, the result being a Nicky Cowley free kick, or so it seemed, until Nicky dummied and Longman stepped up, only to fire the ball well wide. Most promising move of the half came when Bostock played Heale clear and he ran on, only for Gell to tackle and give away a corner. Longman floated the ball across, and Gell again headed out, and Longman this time took a short corner to Tiffin, who whose cross was bundled clear, with a loud hand ball appeal going unheeded, the ball running back to Longman, who fired his shot over the bar and into the sewage farm. Danny Cowley was fouled on the centre line, and Longman’s free kick saw Tedder palm the ball away, and it fell invitingly to Danny Heale, who hooked in a vicious drive which skimmed the bar, the ball joining the previous one someone in the sewage farm.

Danny to Nicky Cowley, Nicky crossed from the right and Gell heads off for another corner. Longman took the kick and King’s header hits Ing and goes out for another corner. Nicky Cowley plays the corner back to Glen Golby who sends over a great pass to Heale, but the shot is wide. Nicky Cowley then sent Tiffin away, and his centre was headed over by the non stop Billy Holland, and then King limped off, to be replaced by Gareth Thomas, to Concord’s relief, and King had been a constant menace with his upfield runs. Danny Cowley to Heale, and Burton cleared the shot, and then Gareth Thomas powered through, and turned the ball out to Tiffin, who was unable to control it in time to prevent the ball running out of play. Bostock to Thomas, a hard shot, and Tedder made the save of the match, tipping the ball over the bar. Longman took the corner and Tedder again, right underneath the bar.

Talking point at half time – would the wind please change direction? A slow start to the second half, and Urchins looked jaded and disjointed, losing the midfield, and generally conceding ground to a sharp looking home team, for whom Lawrence and Sammons were constantly dangerous. Collier punched clear an Ing free kick, and Burton volleyed the ball back again, just missing the goal, but scoring a direct hit on the clubhouse. Ringer sent over a cross from the left and Bostock headed out for a corner. Lee played the corner into the middle where the ball bounced in front of Burton, who completely missed his kick. At last, Urchins found their stride, Holland putting a good pass out to Nicky Cowley on the right, the centre being headed out by Burton for a corner. Longman sent in an excellent ball, and Holland headed powerfully goalwards, the ball just a fraction to wide on the sloping goal. Five free kicks in a row, two by Longman, two by Nicky Cowley, and all were too low, and easily cleared. Holland went clear on the left, from Glen Golby’s long upfield pass, but Collins tackled, whilst at Thomas cross landed in a packed goalmouth and another hand ball appeal was ignored. But Concord were looking dangerous as well, in fact more so than the Urchins, and Ing’s short free kick to Kavanagh saw another short pass to Sammons, who however hit his shot yards wide of the goal. A Danny Cowley miscue put Collier under pressure and Michael did well to run out to save as Lawrence came in. Then came the back pass of the season, when the ever popular Kavanagh, 35 yards out, appeared to try to lob his own keeper, the ball dropping just wide of the post for a corner. Longman sent in a long corner this time, and Holland came in at the far post, but hit the side net with his header.

And then it happened. Heale to Holland, and he is scythed down. Penalty, says the referee, who then disappears under a mass of Concordians. Lee pushes – a bit more than a push in fact - a Hornchurch player, somewhat obviously and right in front of the referee – red, it has to be. No it doesn’t, it’s yellow. Who to take the penalty. Everyone looks at everyone else, and no one wants anything to do with taking it, and eventually up steps LUKE LONGMAN. The lop-sided goal with the extremely tall Tedder looking even extremely taller, is only twelve yards away. Luke calmly hits the ball low and hard to the keeper’s left, and it’s in the net.

Two minutes later and Burbridge comes on for Paul Golby, whilst the Concord player injured in the same tackle also goes off, with the ambulance arriving shortly afterwards. Danny Cowley to Nicky, and his first time snap shot is inches wide. Clarke, who had only just come on for Burton, sends in a free kick, but too low and Glen Golby clears, and he hits the ball long upfield, where Holland chases hard, but cannot stop the ball running out of play. Longman made a good run and won a corner, taking the kick himself, and Ing heads away. Holland, ever dangerous, races through, and Tedder nips out to save at his feet, pushing the ball out for a corner, which Longman takes, and which Ing heads away. Everett comes on for Longman and his first touch is a free kick which Tedder tips over. Tiffin takes the corner, and Nicky Cowley’s shot is saved.

Burbridge, playing as a defender, is booked for a tackle right on the 90 minutes, but the free kick is too low and hits the wall. With the respective physios on for eight minutes in the second half, it was something of a surprise when full time came with less than three minutes stoppage time being played. A good result, deserved, but Concord played very well. The last time an away goal was conceded in the league was the 17th September, nearly three months ago.


Video Highlights by Rob Monger

- 73mins. Luke Longman scores our winner from the spot (600KB)


Concord Rangers
James Teddler
Dave Burton
Roger Gell
Nathan Collins
Sam Ing
Steve Kavanagh
Paul Sammons
Ollie Baker
Adam Dobrowolski
Martyn Lawrence
Michael Lee
Ben Cook
Jamie Clarke
Scott Johnson
Danny Ringer
Richard Bastin
GK 17
AFC Hornchurch
Michael Collier
Greg Tiffin
Paul Golby
Glen Golby
Steve King
Jordan Bostock (c)
Nicky Cowley
Danny Cowley
Billy Holland
Danny Heale
Luke Longman
Billy Drake
Gareth Thomas
Charlie Bull
Terry Everett
Rikki Burbridge

Man of the Match
Nominated by ...

Weather Conditions:  Sunny and 7 degrees at start. Clear and 3 degrees at finish

Match Officials: Mike Smith wiht Paul Falvey and Matt Donohue

Match Duration: First half 50mins 38secs. Second half 47mins 47secs

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