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Home / 2005-06 Season / 2005-06 Results / Match Report

Westview Essex Senior League
Tuesday 15th November 2005
AFC Hornchurch 3 - 0 Eton Manor
Longman 36', Hambley 59'
P Golby 77'
H/T 1-0
Att: 262

Match Highlights
AFC Hornchurch   Eton Manor
Hambley - BOOKED 30  
Longman - GOAL 35  
Bostock - BOOKED 52  
  58 OFF - Nicholls
ON - Jenkins
Hambley - GOAL 59  
  69 BOOKED - Jenkins
  71 OFF - Tarten
ON - Demmon
  75 OFF - Thompson
ON - Chester
P Golby - GOAL 77  
Hambley - OFF
Tiffin - ON
83 BOOKED - Reading

Match Report by Tony Middleton

Urchins made a determined start to the match, Tim Hambley creating space for himself on the left and driving the ball hard across goal, with no one able to get the finishing touch. Inside a minute Glen Golby had played a perfect through ball to Heale, who turned and ran on, though with Barrett moving in to cover, Heale had to shoot hurriedly and Prince saved comfortably. Hambley again, playing a very long ball down the middle from inside his own half, but too deep and Connolly headed back to Prince who gathered easily. Holland found himself clear of the defence, from Danny Cowley�s through pass, but was pulled back for offside, and as Urchins continued to come forward, Manor conceded a free kick about ten yards outside the area, which Paul Golby hammered into the wall. The ball cannoned out to the left where it was immediately returned into the middle, and King hooked the ball wide of the goal.

Manor were rarely outside their own half, but Urchins were caught too far forward and March took advantage with a penetrating run along the left, and then played the ball low towards the far post, where Wallace came in, but misjudged the bounce of the ball as Bostock closed in, and his shot was lofted over the bar.

Nicky Cowley out on the right wing came into the action with a neat touch back to Longman, who put a long ball up into the middle for Holland to chase, with Prince coming rapidly out of goal to just reach the ball on the edge of the area as Holland homed in, but the clearance reached Nicky Cowley who again found Longman, whose first time centre was headed back to keeper Prince by Connolly. Then it was Danny Cowley who won a midfield ball, and he exchanged passed with Holland and took the return, the resulting shot coming off Prince�s legs and rebounding to Reading who punted the ball away. Manor won a free kick in midfield, and Coker floated the ball towards the far post, where Paul Golby conceded a corner, which Nicholls came over to take, and Bostock was first to the cross. His clearance was promptly played back again, and another free kick was awarded, when Hambley was booked for what appeared to be an excellent tackle. Coker took the kick, and Collier rose well to save despite close attention from Wallace and Nicholls. This proved to be the last threat from the visitors for the first half, with Hambley and Danny Cowley taking a firm hold in midfield, it was Hambley whose long pass found King , who combined with Danny Cowley and Nicky Cowley before sending an excellent through ball to Holland, who was pulled up for a strongly disputed offside.

The full moon was high over the ground, which was just as well as once again the third floodlight pylon on the river side of the ground decided to go out, leaving only moonshine to brighten up that sector. And it was from his position, out on the left, about 35 yards out, from where LUKE LONGMAN decided to get his name onto the score sheet with a magnificent low shot which screamed into the net. One nil, and Longman is the sixteenth player to score this season. And it was Longman again who made the running on the left, sending over a good cross to Danny Cowley, who picked out Nicky Cowley, and only a quick reflex save from Prince stopped a second goal. Holland was again put clear, this time by Bostock, but this time the tackle came in the shape of the linesman�s flag, offside being given yet again, but right on half time Manor showed that all was not lost by any means, when Danny Cowley gave away a free kick with a mistimed tackle on Thompson, and Wallace took full advantage with a powerful free kick from just outside the area, which Collier positioned himself well to save,

Would Urchins increase their lead, or would there be some full moon madness? For whatever reason, the bells were ringing out loudly and crisply in the night air, as the teams returned to the field for the second half, with a slight hint of mist rising up from the ground in the area where the floodlight was out. Danny Cowley set the pattern of the second half, sending Heale away, but Barrett did well to tackle, but his clearance reached Longman who played the ball back in, with Reading heading away. A wild clearance nearly decapitated the owl sitting on the roof of the stand on the river side � it is there most matches � but the ball was returned into the middle, where Heale eluded his marker, and his shot was saved well by Prince. With Manor again on the defensive, it was Danny Cowley who ran on to a pass by Glen Golby, and he split the defence with a low pass through to Heale, who was pulled back for offside, a decision which did not go down well with the crowd, who were again frustrated when just seconds later a similar move ended with Heale again being flagged offside. It was full moon, so perhaps it was not a surprise when it happened for a third time inside a minute, with Holland being ruled offside from Heale�s pass. Glen Golby then played the ball out sideways for Longman, whose centre was well caught by Prince, while Bostock decided to race through the middle on his own, and his follow through was not appreciated by the Manor team, nor by the referee, who waved a yellow card. Manor could have levelled when a long free kick had to be turned over the bar by Collier, but Wallace�s corner was too long and the ball was easily cleared by Paul Golby. Manor won another free kick, taken by Wallace, but his over long cross into the goalmouth was saved by Collier. Then Longman did much the same with a long ball into the Manor goalmouth, too long as Prince was able to come out and gather as King came in at speed. Danny Cowley needed attention inside his own half, and Manor quickly subbed Nicholls for Jenkins. From the free kick, the ball was driven into the goalmouth, heade back by King and TIM HAMBLEY netted his third goal for the Urchins with a well placed header.

Michael Collier almost set up another goal with a fine throw out to Holland, who turned and placed a perfect pass in front of Hambley, who made ground and then crossed into the middle where Heale hit the ball wide of the post. Collier then sent Holland away with a long kick upfield, and for once there was no flag, but Prince came out quickly and blocked the shot, when a goal looked likely. Longman, from Glen Golby, and his low cross reached Paul Golby with Barrett doing well to tackle. With a ground mist now rising up, Jenkins, who had six ties on his leg, had by this time pulled off five of them, but it had its effect as his pass sent Tarten away, with Collier saving well. Nicky Cowley took a pass from Danny Cowley are drove in a shot that was only a few inches wide, whilst Hambley�s strong run was stopped by Reading. With the announcement that there would be a test evaluation of the ground, the river side quickly emptied out, as their exit was at the far end of the ground, and no one wanted to go that way, but they were at the right end for the third goal, which came when Steve King crossed, Holland dummied, Prince touched the ball, but only as far as PAUL GOLBY who became the seventeenth Urchin to get onto the score sheet this season as he prodded the ball into the net. And when Connolly gave the ball away seconds later, it looked as though Heale would add to the score, but Prince again came out quickly and did well to save. Holland then twisted and turned to elude his marker to set Nicky Cowley up on the right, but offside was given, and from the kick, Wallace went clear, Collier turning the shot around the post. Wallace took t corner and Glen Golby cleared up field to Tiffin, who had come on for Hambley, and Tiffin raced along the right wing, crossed, and the ball was headed out by Reading to Danny Cowley who hit his shot high over the bar. A Paul Golby corner reached Holland, who was not having much luck with his shooting, and his header went out for another corner, again taken by Paul Golby. King met the ball as it came over but a free kick was given against him.

Michael Collier was named player of the match and then really had to earn the award when he had to back peddle to touch a long distance shot onto the bar, then did well to cover as the rebound was hammered back, again onto the bar, and then he followed this with a spectacular diving save as the ball was driven back yet again, turning the ball over the bar, and then for his encore he rose to punch away Wallace�s corner, only for the ball to be returned yet again and this time it was headed off the line. There was still time for Heale to put Holland clear, and though he beat Prince, his shot rolled wide, an almost on time, Nicky Cowley split the defence with a good cross, but Reading had the last touch, kicking the ball out to safety.


Video Highlights by Rob Monger

- 35mins. Luke Longman puts us in front (570KB)
- 59mins. Our second goal comes from Timmy Hambley (530KB)
- 77mins. Paul Golby makes it three (470KB)


AFC Hornchurch
Michael Collier
Luke Longman
Paul Golby
Glen Golby
Steve King
Jordan Bostock (c)
Nicky Cowley
Danny Cowley
Billy Holland
Danny Heale
Timmy Hambley
Greg Tiffin
Craig Dennis
Lee Springer
Terry Everett
Charlie Bull
Eton Manor
Carl Prince
Glen Connolly
Tony Marsh
Chris Barrett
Stevie Reading (c)
Danny Mercer
Jamie Wallace
Lenny Nicholls
Patrick Thomson
Charlie Tarten
Ray Coker
Terry Demmon
Graham Chester
Chrissy Hammond
Dave Jenkins
Steve Richards

Man of the Match
Nominated by Westy & Co

Michael Collier

Weather Conditions:  7 degrees at start. 3 degrees at finish. Wind speed zero. Full moon.

Match Officials: John Sandlin with Paul Falvey and Graham Pavitt

Match duration: First half 45mins 12secs, Second half 46mins 34secs

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