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Home / 2005-06 Season / 2005-06 Results / Match Report

Gordon Brasted Trophy 1st Round
Saturday 8th October 2005
AFC Hornchurch 2 - 0
Brentwood Town  
King 93', Heale 116' H/T 0-0
F/T 0-0
Att: 275

Match Highlights
AFC Hornchurch   Brentwood Town
  2 BOOKED - Turner B
  32 BOOKED - Walsh
Heale - MISSED PEN 60  
Everett - OFF
Bull - ON
  69 OFF - Turner J
ON - Doyle
Holland - OFF
Burbridge - ON
King - GOAL 93  
  93 OFF - Turner B
ON - O'Callaghan
King - OFF
Perry - ON
Bostock - SENT OFF 105+2  
  105+5 OFF - Doyle
ON - Thomas
Heale - GOAL 116  

Match Report by Tony Middleton

Tactical changes to the starting line up meant that Steve King was playing far more forward than normal, whilst Terry Everett played on the left wing. The match started with Brentwood looking confident, and Lee Ward was challenged by Ben Turner when he dropped a long throw into the middle. Following a very long consultation Ben Turner was shown a yellow card, the colour of the card being loudly questioned by the Riverside. Brentwood came forward again, winning a corner on the right, and John Turner curved the ball into the goalmouth, where Carr hooked it wide of Ward, and also narrowly wide of the post. Bostock then broke up a move down the middle, and send Billy Holland away down the middle. He turned the ball out to Heale on the left and Heale cut in and drove the ball low and hard goalwards, where Chris Clark, who appeared to be nursing an injury, did well to save. Greg Tiffin, playing in the right back position, played a long pass from his own half into the middle, giving King a run on goal, Steve King rounded Savidge and then sent his shot wide of the post, with Wicks in close attendance. A hard drive by Heale was too much for Clark to hold, and the ball rebounded to Danny Cowley, who neatly returned it into the path of Holland, who had a clear run at goal, but tried to lob Clark who held on to the ball, to prevent what appeared to be a certain goal. Nicky Cowley intercepted the clearance in midfield and played the ball out to the right where Tiffin was overlapping. Tiffin crossed for Holland, whose header was saved at full stretch by Clark.

Bostock got into the attacking picture with a long flighted pass over the defence for Holland to run on to. Holland stopped, possibly thinking he was offside and a grateful Clark was able to gather the ball. Everett did well to send Danny Heale away on the left. Heale neatly beat Mackin, turned inside, and his hard and low shot was held on the line by Clark, who was by now keeping Brentwood into what was turning out to be a one-sided first half. Glen Golby took one of his long throw ins and found Heale who race through the middle, appearing to be impeded more than once in the process. He still got his shot in and Clark did well to parry the ball. Holland followed up but hit the ball wide of an open goal. An unusual incident followed when the referee stopped play for what was surely a penalty. Following a long discussion with the linesman, he restarted play with a dropped ball in the penalty area, to Brentwood’s relief. A long cross from Nicky Cowley was headed out by Mackin but only as far as Holland, but his shot was hurried and Clark saved easily. Bostock again played a long upfield ball, which Heale ran on to meet, only to be pulled back for offside. Less than a minute later Nicky Cowley sent Heale away in similar fashion, only for another offside decision to be made. Glen Golby put in another of his long throws, Steve King heading the ball on to Holland, who was clear onto goal, He sidestepped Clark but took too long to finish and Clark dived backwards to clutch the ball.

Tiffin moved along the right, remembered he was a full back and centred. Ben Turner rose to head away , but the ball was returned by Danny Cowley and Wicks headed out for a corner, taken by Everett, but the cross was too long and no one was able to reach it. Mackin got there first but only succeeded in clearing the ball back again to Everett, whose first time volley skimmed the bar. Everett was through on the left, thanks to a good pass from Paul Golby but again offside was given. A booking for Scott Walsh followed in arguable circumstances. The referee stopped play for what most thought was a free kick to Brentwood. Walsh took the kick quickly only to find that it was in Hornchurch’s favour, and was booked as a result. A long Glen Golby throw found King again, who headed on to Nicky Cowley, whose powerful shot hit the post and went out. Holland again found himself clear but was tackled, and although he recovered the ball, he could not get a shot in.

Holland was not having much luck with his finishing, but was none the less creating panic in the visiting defence whenever he got near the ball, and when he rounded Ben Turner and sent in a low hard cross, Clark did well to dive and tip the ball out for a corner, which Nicky Cowley took and the ball dropped onto the bar and out of play. Nicky Cowley then sent Everett clear - offside yet again, whilst Nicky Cowley’s next involvement was a free kick which everyone missed in the goalmouth. Holland was pulled up for offside when through, and a good build up involving both Cowleys and King ended when Mackin cleared wildly, the ball disappearing in into the trees on the river side.

Many questions were raised at half time - why was it only a yellow card? Why was Lee Ward’s socks a different shade of red to the rest of the team? Why was Greg Tiffin wearing his old boots? And most important of all, where were the Gucci shoes normally worn by a well known supporter on the east side? Surely he had not auctioned them on ebay?

Brentwood started the second half with a deep pass over the defence for Joe Turner to run on to. Ward came out rapidly to kick clear, and then followed a long siege on the visitors goal, and Urchins came forward time and again. King to Nicky Cowley on the right, with Clark palming the ball out, but it was promptly returned, and Heale saw his shot blocked, the referee ignoring a loud appeal for hand ball in the process. Heale, prominent in most of Urchins moves, flicked on to Everett, having an inspired match on the left, and he switched play to the other side of the pitch for Nicky Cowley, whose first time shot was well saved by the over-worked Clark. Everett once more, again to Heale, and through to Holland, only for Wicks to run back to tackle. Holland appeared on the left wing to take a good pass from Paul Golby. He made ground at pace, and crossed low into the middle, where Nicky Cowley’s shot was pushed out by Clark, only as far as King, whose shot rebounded to safety. It was beginning to seem like there would be no goals, as shot after shot went wide or was saved, Heale, Holland, and Danny and Nicky Cowley all going close in quick succession. Brentwood broke away and Ben Turner threatened, but his dipping drive, with the linesman’s flag waving wildly, was tipped over by Ward. Just as well, as a corner was given. But it was soon back to the other end, with King sending Holland away, past two defenders, and then Holland twisted inside of Savidge and his vicious drive was just a fraction wide of the post. Everett, with some excellent runs on the left, then opened up play with a long cross into the penalty area, for King, who was fouled, although play until the linesman’s flag was noticed. Up stepped Danny Heale, only for Chris Clark to fling himself sideways to save the penalty. Bostock nearly created a goal a minute later, finding Nicky Cowley who exchanged passes with Everett to cross to Holland, who blazed the ball high over the bar in his eagerness to find the net. Tiffin put Heale clear but he was pulled back for offside, whilst a Glen Golby foul on Joe Turner saw McDowell’s free kick tipped over by Ward, who then called loudly for the ball as it came over for the corner, and did well to reach it in a packed goalmouth.

Charlie Bull came on for Everett, who had been having a magnificent game, with what appeared to be instructions to run at the defence, and when Heale put him clear, Bull quickly homed in on goal, hitting in a hard low shot which Clark could not hold, but did enough to turn the ball out of play. Bull once more, and Mackin was relieved when his panic clearance beat his own keeper but sailed over the bar. Bull a third time, this time Ben Turner getting in the way of a goal, and Ben Turner then was perhaps fortunate to escape a second yellow following a long discussion with the referee. Rikki Burbridge came on to Billy Holland, whose effort simply could not produce the goal which was so much overdue, but it was Bull who was in action again, with the non stop Heale sending him through the middle, past two players, and his shot was stopped by the diving Clark, only to rebound to Bull, but a free kick was awarded to Brentwood. Nicky Cowley took a pass from Glen Golby and crossed into the middle, where three Urchins were waiting, only for Ben Turner to get there first and clear. Heale next found Burbridge, whose first time shot was tipped out by Clark, with Nicky Cowley’s corner being played short to Danny Cowley, whose centre found King racing in, and Steve’s header rebounded off the post.

A breakaway by Brentwood ended in a corner, which Bostock confidently dealt with, and he played the ball out to Burbridge, whose back flick found Bull, who set off goalwards, leaving two defenders trailing. His shot beat Clark but was inches over the bar. A Tiffin free kick picked out Heale, and his centre eluded a packed goalmouth, as Brentwood struggled to keep on level terms. Then Carr, looking several yards offside, was allowed to continue, but Paul Golby managed to get back to recover to conceded a corner. Ward dealt confidently with the corner which swerved in alarmingly. Back at the other end, Burbridge hit a shot high over the bar, from Heale’s pass, and Heale himself was put through by Nicky Cowley but lost control of the ball and Ben Turner was able to clear. With four minutes of stoppage time played, Urchins were almost caught out when Bostock lost the ball in midfield to Doyle, who saw Ward save well, but the ball was returned to the left wing and the shot cum cross hit the bar. Burbridge appeared to be tripped up inside the penalty area, but play continued and the whistle went to signal extra time.

The sun came out for the first time, but once again it was Brentwood who made the first attacking move, Ben Turner’s long upfield pass being headed out by Ward, who then kicked powerfully upfield, where Mackin was in position to head away. With Brentwood by now struggling, a goal followed when Nicky Cowley started the move which ended with STEVE KING running on and driving the ball to the right of Clark for a goal which had threatened throughout the match. Tiffin found Nicky Cowley, he left Savidge trailing but his centre was too high for Burbridge to reach. Burbridge then hit the side netting with a first time shot, and Tiffin and Nicky Cowley set up a good move, but Nicky’s centre was too close to Clark. Heale headed over, from Nicky Cowley’s centre, and then Nicky Cowley charged down a clearance by Clark, the ball bouncing back and out of play.

An off the ball incident - in fact Brentwood were waiting to take a throw in - resulted in a very lengthy discussion between referee and linesman, and ended four minutes later with Bostock being red-carded. The referee then went to the other linesman but took no further action, though Mark Doyle was substituted with a nasty cut to his face. Play restarted six minutes and fifty four seconds later, with Urchins a player short, and with some interesting but unrepeatable chants coming from the East Side, who were somewhat unhappy with a number of decisions throughout the match.

With tempers high off the field, it was a credit to the Urchins that they maintained their composure and replied in the best possible way - by outplaying the opposition. The second period of extra time was one way throughout, Bull leading the charge with a penetrating run through the defence which ended with his shot screaming side of the post. Rikki Burbridge dropped back into defence to replace Bostock, and Lee Perry, on for Steve King in midfield, slotted a through ball to Bull, but Clark came out quickly to reach the ball first. Nicky Cowley had yet another shot blocked in a massed defence, and O’Callaghan conceded a free kick with a trip on Danny Cowley who was about to shoot, Paul Golby floating the ball over the bar. Nicky Cowley grazed the post with a shot, and then the second long overdue goal arrived, thanks to the sheer persistence of Charlie Bull, who recovered the ball when he dispossessed a defender, and though his shot was saved, DANNY HEALE was in place to follow up and score. Heale could have created a third, when he shielded the ball to give Nicky Cowley an opening, but again he skimmed the post with his shot. Nicky Cowley was named player of the match by the match sponsors, the Riverside (Toff’s), though several players impressed with outstanding performances, including Terry Everett, Charlie Bull and a far more confident Lee Ward. And a special mention to the East Side, who loudly applauded the match officials from the pitch after the match.


Video Highlights by Rob Monger

- 93mins. Steve King puts us in front (510KB)
- 116mins. Danny Heale puts the game beyond Brentwood's reach (610KB)
- Post match interview striker Rikki Burbridge (3.2MB)


AFC Hornchurch
Lee Ward
Greg Tiffin
Paul Golby
Glen Golby
Steve King
Jordan Bostock (c)
Nicky Cowley
Danny Cowley
Billy Holland
Danny Heale
Terry Everett
Rikki Burbridge
Lee Perry
Sean Dear
Charlie Bull
Gareth Thomas
Brentwood Town
Chris Clark
Ricki Mackin
Nick Savidge
Andy Wicks
Ben Turner
Scott Walsh
Ryan Quincey
Stuart Brown
Joe Turner
Paul Carr
Lance McDowell
Dean O'Callaghan
Mark Doyle
Chris Thomas

Man of the Match
Nominated by The Riverside (Toffs)

Nicky Cowley

Match Officials: James Masson with James Latham and Gordon Moores
Weather Conditions:  Cloudy 18 degrees
Match Duration:
First half 48mins 54secs. Second half 49mins 40secs. ET1 21mins 54secs. ET2 15mins 20secs
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