Before this season ...

Leon McKenzie72403215000
George Purcell15614610102000
Elliot Styles4594352424000

This season ....

Leon McKenzie48426375100
George Purcell2212102120
Elliot Styles4036451120

The above 2 sets of info are correct except for George Purcell .. this season's APPs is showing as 15 yet click on his profile and it says 14.  No idea why !  14 is correct.

In the display below (no season selected) stats shown are only for this season.  If no season is selected then it should default to All so why does it show stats for this season only?

In the bottom display we have selected both seasons.  This is more promising as it does calculate the totals correctly for APP, STR and SUB but it doesn't add up GLS or any other statistic.


If we take Leon's appearances and goals as examples.

Before this season he made 72 appearances and scored 15 goals.  This season he has made 42 appearances and scored 34 goals.

The player list that has no seasons selected (i.e. All) shows Leon as having made 42 appearances and scored 34 goals i.e. it ignores previous seasons.

The player list that has both seasons selected shows Leon as having made 114 appearancs (correct) but goals scored is only 15 i.e. it ignores the CURRENT season's goals.


No season selected - defaults to All i.e. both seasons

Leon McKenzie50446375110
George Purcell2515104230
Elliot Styles4339452140

Both seasons selected ....

Leon McKenzie1208238155100
George Purcell17815820102120
Elliot Styles49947128241120

Further testing ....

Leon McKenzie4841637590
George Purcell201192120
Elliot Styles3935451120