In the first in our series of “In the Spotlight” we’ll be speaking candidly to our players and staff and learning a little more about each one of them.  First under the spotlight is full back, centre back, centre mid and all round good egg, Jed Chouman.

Age: 23

Occupation: Tax Assistant at PKF Littlejohn at Canary Wharf.

Which football team do you support? (other than AFC Hornchurch obviously) Arsenal

You’ve played in many a position for Hornchurch but do you have a preference as to which position you play in? The position I’m playing now (CM)

Any superstitions? No superstitions

Best mate at the club? Everyone is pretty close at the club so I couldn’t pick a “best mate”.

Toughest team faced this season and why? Toughest team would have to be either East Thurrock or Maldon. Both teams know how to knock the ball around well and were both deadly in front of goal.

Aims for this season? I think the whole club have the same aim for this season = PROMOTION!

Who was your footballing hero growing up? Has to be Ronaldinho – Unbelievable tek.

Pre-match meal? Cereal for breakfast then scrambled eggs or a bacon sandwich.

Who do you sit next to on the club coach? Everyone likes a bit of leg room on the coach so unless I can help it NO ONE!

If you were a fan, what song would you sing for Jed Chouman? I’ll leave that up to the fans to think of that one, I’ll be expecting to hear one soon!

Hobbies? Football, gym, going out, going on holidays.

Any phobias? Don’t have any real phobias.

Favourite song to sing on the karaoke? Seeing as I sung it for my initiation song, it would have to be Craig David – 7 Days!

Interview by Mitchell Walker (AFC Hornchurch Supporters’ Association)